Bharatanatyam is an ancient dance form of India that is thousands of years old, and is preserved as a living tradition. It is the most stylistic and sophisticated form of all classical dances, and the finest expression of arts that India has produced. It is not just artistic movements but a synthesis of philosophy, sculpture, movement, music and literature. In that sense Bharatanatyam quintessentially represents the culture of India at its best.

Bharatanatyam represents the culture of India at its best.

The fundamentals, technique, and theories of Bharatanatyam are detailed in Natyashatra, a 3000 years old treatise. The art form is a confluence of two complementary dance elements – Nritta and Abhinaya. Nritta is abstract or pure dance, composed of rhythmic improvisations. Abhinaya refers to narrative or expressive dance, which is stylized interpretation of poetry through mime.

This art is known for its story telling technique that draws from the rich culture heritage of India, as well as its spirituality. Bharatanatyam explores and interprets human experience and its myriad emotions through the confluence of music, dance and mime. The ultimate aim of this art is to evoke rasa or aesthetic experience in the dancer and the audience.

Bharatam is proud to be a gateway for this rich and eloquent classical art.